England 2013 part II

January 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

It’s difficult to deny that I filled most of my time wondering around the city, hunting for the best cup of coffee. Before the trip, my barista friends were already handing me guidebooks, notes, locations and specific spots to visit. Being absolutely dumbfounded by choices, I remind myself that this is a holiday.

An escape from anything remotely strenuous, a time to take pleasure in present moments and feel alive.

Most days started with an early morning asana, watching the sun rising beautifully over River Thames, cupping my cold hands over a warm cup of freshly brewed English tea and indulging in a big bowl of wholesome muesli. Like a pilgrim, anticipating for brand new experiences while inhaling crisp fresh air of the unknown.



Exploring the city, has never been easier. Subways, buses, traveling apps and pedestrians were all too kind. I could looked so lost standing in the corner of a busy street, and an unexpected local would come to my rescue. I could be somewhere new, but feel so at ease. The acts of being lost, getting accustomed to my bearings, finding my ways, and unfolding the world slowly are familiar rudiments of globe-trotting. We share the same rhythms of intangible thoughts, seek wanderlust opportunities, learn new souls, get a little lost and in this path, engulf life together.



There are only a few places I would return to. Ozone cafe, might be slightly out of central London, but I had a great time chatting with the staffs, watching the cooks get their groves going and sincerely enjoying my lunch. The space is slightly new, freshly brewed from kiwi islands and optimized with passionate energy for food and coffee. Food for Thought, near Neal’s Yard at Covent Garden, is simply splendid. The basement eatery, may be small but it has feisty wholesome plant based meals that can sweep your heart away, even in the cold winter days. Opens at noon, but with a line outside at ten to.

I had the best cup of filtered Square Mile coffee at Notes. The massive big wooden table served a sense of community, and with bright natural light from above, it seemed to be the perfect place for an afternoon catch up or a solace for quiet read. An unexpected find, Speakeasy, was a little lovely surprise. It started snowing as I drank a filtered Columbian and ate eccles cake. We stopped our movements, sneaked a peak outside and smiled widely. The staffs stepped outside to take pictures and danced in a snow trance.


It hardly snows in London, but this trip, upon departure, it snowed so heavily, my flight was delayed for a couple of hours. Nevertheless, made it home safely. The extra hours spent at the airport only deterred my eagerness to return. Back in the sunny island, I dwell in the picturesque memories of chilly evenings I had spent with myself, friends & family and endless champagnes. Rejuvenated, I am excited for what the rest of the year entails. Helping to run two new cafes, design new menus, gather people through heartfelt food & delightful space once more; perhaps, a chance to move abroad for studies.

Whatever maybe, maybe.


coffee drank at:
notes, St Martin’s Lane

ate at:
food for thought
made in Italy
bea’s of bloomsbury, recommended by lovely Elodie
scared cafe
gail’s bread


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