February 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

It’s currently pitch black outside. The world to me is sound asleep and, perhaps, dreaming of little monsters and mermaids. I am wide awake unable to comprehend reasons the body cease to rest. My tonsils have been swollen for the past few days, making it unbearable to focus or find delight in unpleasant things. So while I whine about the pain, I endeavor to fill the day with happier thoughts. Thoughts from deep childhood memories of being ill and reading in bed all day. Mum would make pipping hot rice porridge and feed me gently. Her worried eyes always got me even more anxious to get better.


A little more grown up since, I try to keep the sickness at bay with herbal remedies. Simmering freshly sliced ginger in a small pot of water, drizzle a wholesome amount of homemade honey and stir till it cools down. I can almost hear the softness in the chill dawn and distant highway, wondering what the day would entail and this autumn would be. A little bird came to announce unconditional offers from universities, it is a blessing. Another chance to devour into moments I enjoy most. New beginnings, be competent, fresh produce, dynamic city and learn again.

Feelings are torn, between what ifs and what’s not.
But as, Ray Evans would put it, que sera, sera.
Whatever maybe, shall just be.

Earl grey tea cake from All Good Things, it’s the bombdigity.


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