relentless pursuit for quiet mornings

March 13, 2013 § Leave a comment


March is going by with a gust, before it even began I had already heard a deep sigh of tiredness. Staring at the work schedule, everyone is imperatively occupied and scattered. It is much like the sounds of construction worksites: constant drillings, metals piling and occasional loud whamming. The city is a work in progress. Always seeking for growth and staying wired. There is an infinite ending.

Between the hubbub, my mind craves for calmness. A space in time where clarity is allowed and possibility of unweary thoughts remain stagnant. It happens mostly in the mornings, when everyone is deep in their dream worlds and the sun is barely awake. I check the time on my phone, trying to ignore messages from the night owls while it is still early. I take a moment to reflect on my senses and allow those gentle rhythm to flow.

So often, there is only one word on my mind, breakfast. Even after years of practicing yoga, it is a chore to unroll the mat this early. Sometimes I leave the mat out before sleeping, a reminder to ease into child’s pose. But sometimes it does not work until I have something in my belly. I like standing in the front of the fridge with its door open, fumbling for a slice of cold fruit or hazelnut milk, much like Nigella Lawson in her night rope digging into a plate of leftovers, but more benign.

So I tug into the comforts of silencing the world, uplifting myself with dearest musings. Dwelling into passages from an old read, images on Pinterest or catching up with the other side of earth, where the sun has just jet off. Sometimes, it comes with a company. A loved one, if energetic enough, joins the solitude. We smile quietly over blueberry pancakes, the smell of butter/jam over fresh toast and followed by hot coffee. As we watch the horizon lights up, we are ready to face the day with radiance. Unafraid to take chances.

How brilliant would it be if these feelings could last through out the day?


My dear friend, had her art featured at Noise ‘s little pop up. A month’s long of getaway inspired her to seek solace and found joys to simplicity. The art of eating, being close to the ocean and getting lost at night in rainy city. Her little adventure has become one of my fondest reminder that life is always imperfect. Be present to the moments, while they last.

“Time is an illusion that make us pant”
– Yann Martel.


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