excess baggage

April 9, 2013 § 2 Comments


I have always been a light traveller. While wandering so often, I had learn to carry what is needed for the trip or myself and leave any unessentials behind. It is not an easy task, for the line of want and need is very fine. An extra pair of t-shirt in case someone spills coffee on you or a formal wear, for a last minute dinner at a fancy restaurant. The difference is little, but it can be easily replaced with a surprised gift from the next city.

As a kid, we used to travel with excess baggages. Carrying souvenirs for extended family/friends, brought unworn clothing for the trip, and squeeze in unnecessary things. These days, as a solo globe-trotter, I pack smart and light. The journey seems to be more gratifying and carefree. My awareness is drawn towards the new surroundings and people. Absorbing local culture, reflecting my own and capturing the moments.

I share the same feelings for relationships. A bond forged can be broken overnight, over a silly mistake ; or it could be an accumulative built up of neglected emotions, burst after being triggered by an unforgivable comment. I usually feel heavy with remorse and guilt. Even when I know it is not my fault, I feel the need to mend wounds and wait to be forgiven.

While admiring the breathtaking horizon on the plane, I started to let go of these needy thoughts. Removing sunken feelings, stop empathizing other’s vulnerability, and surrender to calmness. My heart started to make room for joyful thoughts and surprised delights. As I learn to remove these “excess baggages”, I find depth in sincerity and simplicity. An unexpected greeting from an old friend or re-reading a book passed from my late cousin. Quotidian musings are gracefully embraced with outstretched arms. I remind myself to keep the journey light and tender. Surround myself with earnest company and splendid food. Keep my essentials to bare minimum as I travel though this life path, taking only what is truly needed and share when opportunity allows.


Wisest is she who knows she does not know. – Jostein Gaarder.


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§ 2 Responses to excess baggage

  • meds says:

    having just come back from a long trip, I do regret bringing the “extras” along. that one/two pieces of spare tshirts/thermals do add up to much more than one would think.

    and your line on “Even when I know it is not my fault, I feel the need to mend wounds and wait to be forgiven.” – exactly. I always have the need to have ’round’ relations.. even when things don’t really need to be well and happy if there’s really no cause for it.

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