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“the traveler follows a vertical path, moving simultaneously towards the bottom of the earth and the bottom of the sky. the tourist follows a horizontal path, remaining on the surface of everything” – Alejandro Jodorowsky

It was a long year. A very long stretch that will leave scars and marks, happiness and joy. I visited three new countries, Bali in April, Japan in May and Switzerland in November. A surf trip, a quiet retreat for the soul and an adventure with my mother. I rediscovered my current city, which never seems to be heartwarming in every nurturing way.

I left a home, physically, but know that place will always be filled with warmth regardless of the bad memories or tears. My customers of various gender and ages, have became my closest friends. They welcomed us into their lives with open arms & heart. Perhaps gratitude is selfish, but we have been vulnerable & caring within the community. It is in the way we show how we care and concern with one another.

Surfing have taught me how to ride with the waves. Simply to sit out in the ocean and wait for the right moment. The first few attempts were futile. Nearly impossible to get up on a foam board and juggling to balance. Then the duck dives or roll overs, and drinking salty waters. We were pushed and pulled. Wiped out and dropped in. Either way, for every waking day, I was by the beach by 7am and straight in the ocean. The bruce was absolutely worth it, even if I might sound rather sadisitic right now, which I believe most beginner surfer can relate to, every fall was a stepping stone towards riding the next wave.

It seems that everyday was similar to riding waves. Paddling through life with our daily routines and waiting to take on the right ride. The way we ride is in the choices we make to simply put up a fight or just “roll over” some moments.

The hardest part in surfing is going back. We all know once we start riding a wave to the shore, we have to fight through the currents and salty waters again before reaching to a point when its safe to “sit out”.

And dont we all seem to do so?

How do we do it? By playing it safe and sitting out or swimming through every wave until we are reading to balance on the board? Those moments are very short but exhilarating at the same time.


It also dawned upon me that more than not, we want these special moments to last forever. When truly it can’t. The time you spent with your family or friends can only be special because they are short-lived but yet remains in your own memory for a long time.

The laughing jokes, the good meal, a brilliant performance or even a kiss, are permanent. If we can try to stop wanting things to last forever, then we can learn how to be contented with what we have. Appreciate the present time and take solace in the now.

Scan 7

Walking up the slopes or around the majestic snow capped mountain, became our daily guide to how to start the day. The unexpected snow storms or bright sun, brought in a cosy day in or a lovely hike around the country side. Either way, there wasn’t a dull day, despite that most ski towns are shut in November.

It much depended on how we felt inside. Rather than letting mother nature affect us, one just really have to go along with the surroundings.

Scan 10.jpg

Waking up at 6 am to visit the Matterhorn was one of the most memorable events this year. We arrived Zermatt on a wet evening but was extremely determined to take the train up before noon the next day. The locals were discouraging us, so were all the weather forecasts. Yet the little hearts of ours just couldnt leave the town not getting close to the mountains.

And so we did.

Dressed up in multiple layers, walking through the ghost town before dawn and taking the first bahn up.

Scan 11

I ended the year with great company and started it with much contemplations about what lies ahead. As with all things go, I know better now which wave to ride and when to sit out. Yet, never take it to heart when I don’t balance properly or fall. At the same time, you can really almost never know when the best ride you can take happens. It’s almost like finding the best cup of coffee in town and yet be surprised how much better it taste from one day to another.


there is something impermeable about the sunrise

first day break

the initial light

to know there is an opportunity for renewal, rejuvenation and awakening

allowing ourselves to rejoice and bathe in the quiet before setting forth

happy new year folks ! 



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