December 12, 2017 § Leave a comment


Reflective morning, this yoga session felt like one for the year.

We do not need a starving polar bear to remind us that climate change is real. I read about climate change when I was studying geography in high school. That is a good almost two decades ago (yes I am getting to that age!). Climate change is in our everyday take away paper/plastic take aways. We do not need manufactures to fabricate more unnecessary products to entice consumers. We need consumers to educate themselves that the money they hold in their hands is knowledge acquired. That grasp of information is through education not only in academic settings but more in how we lead our daily lives.

We do not need reality shows for us to compete with one another to know who is better . We do not need lists to know where we stand. We need to fill ourselves with more care, acknowledgement and thoughtfulness. We are born loved and there is only more from where we come, but less in where we are now. We need to become more ourselves. The self that transcends beyond and draws peace. When there is peace within us, there is peace in everything around us.

We are enough and even more. We need consciousness and awareness. We need cashiers to ask if we need a plastic bag. We need to get off our devices and connect with others around us. We need to live by the example to be what we aspire ourselves to be, or already are.

If anything I have truly learnt this whole year is to let go of any physical, emotional and mental figures that serve no purpose. Then when you start ask yourself if anything at all serves a purpose. You realised, how much you already have and how much you really do not need.

Choose recyclables, reusables, and reduce consumption.

Choose sincerity, prudence and love.



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