kitchen stories

Kitchen Stories is a cookbook written by Elodie Bellegarde and I.It is cookbook exploring how our moods and emotions are closely related to the food we eat and cook.
A compilation of 20 chapters, each one exploring a specific mood, each recipe is styled and photographed to convey the mood it represents, while each chapter is introduced with a short narrative further exploring the concept and a personal memory.

We first met in 2013 through this gigantic sphere of social media platform and connected instantly over tea. Our similar food & photography perspectives became a deep common ground that allowed us to explore ideas. We started sharing our own kitchen stories and memories of food from our childhood, and wanted to let other people explore their own relationship with food/mood. To slow down and reflect on how they eat and how their emotions/mood affects their way of dining or cooking. So explore your moods or culinary experience and share it with us
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